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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rally and information desk:
No deals with the Iranian regime!
Cancel the multi-billion Swiss Franc deal of EGL!

Monday, January, 24th 2011, 9:30 am,
Kongresszentrum Trafo in Baden, Brown-Bovery-Platz


By conducting business with Iran, companies like Holcim, Zeochem, Sulzer, ABB or Bühler contribute to keep the Iranian regime alive. In conjunction with the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), AXPO-subsidiary EGL has signed a multi-billion Swiss Franc deal with the Iranian regime.  This deal was brought off with the support of Swiss Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey. The intended gas supplies from Iran will make Switzerland a strategic partner of the regime for many years to come. Even though the EGL is willing to refrain from Iranian gas in the "initial phase" of the TAP, still the supply contract with Iran remains unaffected. Moreover, the most recent sanctions adopted by the Swiss government do not afflict the multi-billion contract as they do not contain a ban on natural gas imports. 

Companies that continue doing business with Iran support a regime that that persecutes and murders dissidents, national and religious minorities, women and homosexuals. The Iranian nuclear and missile program is a direct threat to its neighboring states, Israel, the West and the Iranian population. The Iranian regime supports the international jihadist terrorism, denies the Holocaust and hunts down the freedom movement, whose proponents are risking their lives fighting for a secular and democratic Iran.  

We Demand:

- The complete and immediate cancellation of the multi-billion Swiss Franc deal with the Iranian regime!

- A European ban on oil and natural gas imports from Iran!

- No dialogue with the regime, but support of the secular opposition!

STOP THE BOMB will not only protest in front of the Kongresszentrum but ask critical questions about EGL’s Iran-business inside the annual meeting as well.